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Spending time in a casino can be magical
 “It’s not a question of believing in Santa, it’s about believing in the magic Santa brings.”
This column is a little different than most. But don’t worry, it still has all the elements: an action-packed casino, men and women who like to play slots and table games, a little bit of losing and a whole lot of winning.
My sister and I went to play video poker one night recently. She was looking for a good Double Double Bonus Poker machine, while I wanted to play one of those “fun” games. You know the kind: you play maybe 6 credits and instead of a standard 1 to 1 payout for jacks or better (winning 6 credits), you get 5 credits. So, on those hands, when you should break even, you are actually down one. And when playing 10 hands at a time or even three hands, those losses add up.
So why play these games — and why call them fun? Because there are times when you can get a bonus multiplier that really makes a hand worth it. One of these types of games
is Super Times Pay Poker.
There is a Super Times Pay
multiplier that is randomly
triggered and pays a bonus of two
to 10-times the win. This means a standard jacks or better hand, when playing max coin, can give a payout of anywhere from 12 credits (double what was played) to 60 credits (with the 10-times multiplier). Imagine getting any sort of multiplier on a full house — instead of 40 or 45 credits (on an 8/5 or 9/6 game), you could win 80 credits or maybe, wow, 400 credits. Don’t get me started on what is possible with a four of a kind or, dare I say, a royal flush. That’s where the winning comes into play.
And if playing a multi-hand game, if you start with a hand of jacks or better and get
a multiplier, the winning can be great. And that is really fun.
Is it worth it to pay an
extra credit for a chance
to win big? The answer is, it depends. This kind of “carnival” video poker game is not for those with a small bankroll or a short time to play as you’ll generally go through a lot of losing hands before hitting something big. If you can handle the ups and downs of this game and enjoy a little side action (come on, multiplier!), then this is a good, fun game to play.
I played the Super Times Pay while my sister was playing something else. A while later, having lost her bankroll, she came back to where I was and found me still playing with plenty of credits on the machine (come on, multiplier!). It was a
good day.
It is always good to be found. At the casino, we saw a nicely dressed woman walk up to a man, obviously her husband by the way she spoke to him, and say, “Honey, I’ve been looking all over for you!” Before the man could answer, the woman continued. “We said we would meet at my favorite slot machine over there, you know, the one
I always win at.”
The man finally got a chance to speak
and told her he had been at her favorite machine: the Dragon’s Link slot.
“Yes it’s Dragon Link, but it is Dragon Link Golden Gong. I love that machine. It’s where I always win,” she said, “and it’s where I told you to meet me.”
The man looked at her. “I thought you said Dragon Link Genghis Khan. That’s where I was. Playing over there.”
“Genghis Khan? Ugh. I hate that machine,” the woman said in a way that let
him know she was rather displeased with him.
With a glint in his eye, the man said, “That’s too bad,” as he pulled out a
stack of bills from his pocket.
The woman was quick to correct herself.
“Genghis Khan? I love that machine. It’s always been my favorite. Now, let’s go play
it some more.”
Speaking of glints, it was about this time last year that I was in a casino and what to my wondering eyes should appear...well, no reindeer, that’s for sure. But it is not unheard of to see a Santa Claus walking through the casino in December. Casinos often have holiday events for guests and hire someone to portray the jolly ol’ man. But, sometimes you have to wonder if it’s the real thing or not.
Everyone at the blackjack table was having bad luck. The cards were favoring the dealer who tried her best to keep smiling and encouraging the players. She saw Santa was approaching her table, and she shouted out a holiday greeting. “Merry Christmas, Santa,” she said. “Please bring these players some good cards.”
Without losing his stride, Santa replied with a hearty “Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas to all!”
The dealer took a deep breath and started to deal the next hand, and wouldn’t you knowit—a10forhim,a9forher,lotsof aces all around. Winners on that hand, and on the next hand, and even the hand after that. Every player at the table got good cards while the dealer readily busted. The whole table won their next few bets begging the question, was it the luck of the cards or was it... Santa Claus?
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