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 Pearl River Resort welcomes Brian McKnight
Contemporary R&B stars takes stage at Silver Star Casino June 29
CHOCTAW — See Brian McKnight perform at Pearl River Resort’s Silverstar Hotel & Casino on Saturday, June 29.
McKnight, a luminary in contemporary R&B, emerged from the vibrant music scene of Buf- falo, New York, where he honed his talents from an early age. Born on June 5, 1969, McKnight’s musical journey began in the church choir, where his remarkable vocal abilities became evident. He later refined his skills by studying jazz and classi- cal music, laying the groundwork for his distinc- tive style.
Brian McKnight
One of McKnight’s enduring legacies is his electrifying live performances. Renowned for his dynamic stage presence and impeccable musician- ship, he has garnered a reputation for delivering unforgettable concerts. His ability to connect with audiences on a profound level, combined with his soulful renditions of beloved hits, has made his live shows highly sought after worldwide.
McKnight’s popularity transcends genera- tions, as evidenced by his continued success and influence in the music industry. With over two decades of performing under his belt, he remains
 McKnight’s breakthrough came with his self-
titled debut album in 1992, featuring hits like “One Last Cry” and “Love Is.” His smooth vocals, coupled with heartfelt lyrics, quickly captured audiences’ hearts, establishing him as a formi- dable force in the industry. Subsequent albums such as Anytime (1997) and Back at One (1999) solidified his status, spawning chart-topping singles like “Anytime” and “Back at One.”
a beloved figure, celebrated for his unparalleled talent and timeless contributions to R&B music. Whether in the studio or on stage, Brian McKnight continues to captivate audi- ences with his artistry and passion for music.
Tickets start at $15. Visit for tickets or buy them
through the Pearl River Resort website at, or by calling (866) 44PEARL.
  The Clairvoyants Show at Gold Strike
Magical award-winning duo to perform in Tunica on May 17
TUNICA — The magic duo known as The Clairvoyants is set to illuminate the stage at Gold Strike Casino Resort on Friday, May 17, at 8 p.m.
Amelie Van Tass and Thommy Ten, recognized as The Clair- voyants, have solidified their global reputation as a transforma- tive force in the realm of magic and illusion. Originating their trademark “second sight” act in 2011, the duo quickly evolved into a cornerstone of international entertainment, showcasing a full-length spectacle within a year that resonated across European stages.
The duo assumed pivotal roles in impressive productions such as “The Illusionarium” and “The Illusionists,” cementing their presence on the globally. Garnering prestigious titles, including World Champions of Mentalism in 2015 and Stage Magicians of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts, their talent was recog- nized with a coveted Mandrakes d’or in Paris, France.
Beyond their enchanting performances at famous venues worldwide, the duo has graced prominent television shows, in- cluding “The Ellen Show” and “Access Hollywood.” Undeterred by their thriving careers, the duo is bringing their talent to audi- ences across the United States and Europe.
The Clairvoyants
For more information on The Clairvoyants, visit the clarivoy- Tickets start at $19.50 and are on sale now at goldstrike. com

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