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At Palace Casino Resort
Score big with CONTACT Sports & Race Book
  BILOXI — The sports bar. It’s a great place to go watch any number of sporting events, especially at this time of year, when baseball and football are in big demand. You can also have a bottle of beer or something on tap, a fun cocktail with a clever name (Drew’s Breeze, anyone?) or something served straight up.
And there are wings. Lots of chicken wings. Why chicken wings at a sports bar? No one knows for sure, other than it’s
a given. “If it’s a sports bar, there’s gonna be people eating wings,” explained Gene Hunt, manager at CONTACT Sports & Race Bar located inside Palace Casino Resort.
A sports and race book, a bar and a restaurant with everything from appetizers, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and salads, CONTACT has it all. We spent a recent Friday night there, watching the Chicago Cubs lose to the Milwaukee Brewers. Yes, we had some money on the game — after all, it is a sports book. However, losing our $5 wager was definitely overshadowed by the great food we indulged in, including the wings.
About half the orders at CONTACT are for wings. You can get traditional bone-
Boneless chicken wings dipped in Asian Sensation and Hurricane sauces and served with ranch and blue cheese dressings are popular fare at CONTACT Sports & Race Book.
By Lori Beth Susman
    in buffalo-style wings, boneless chicken wings or bone-in breaded wings in orders of six, 12 or 18. We opted for the boneless wings, which are really
more like large tenders. The chicken was delicious, plump and juicy. There are several sauce choices and we went for the Asian Sensation and the

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