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Old favorites, new entrées shine at Beau Rivage buffet
 BILOXI — Entering The Buffet at Beau Rivage may be a little different these days, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the wonderful dishes available daily. There are Southern favorites, Italian and Asian dishes, barbecue and world cuisine, along with salads and desserts. There is even a gyro station that doubles as a taco bar. The Buffet, which recently reopened after being closed for more than a year, is getting back to its former self with a few improvements along the way.
When ready to dine at the
buffet, check in with the hostess to receive a ticket, similar to a boarding pass, for your seating time. Depending on the number of people dining in the restaurant, guests may be able to go right in and be seated. However, if the restaurant is full, guests will be given their choice of available times to return. This continual flow helps to avoid overcrowding in the restaurant. As the buffet is located on the way to the casino floor, it makes sense to get a dining ticket first, then play favorite games until it’s time to eat.
Once seated and drinks are ordered, it’s time to start filling those plates, which is exactly what we did on a recent weeknight when we visited the restaurant. We found that Executive Chef Tournant Shayne Varone and his team had beenhardatworkbringingback
Chef Shayne Varone in front of the new deep-dish pizza station at The Buffet at Beau Rivage.
By Lori Beth Susman
   guest favorites and introducing new dishes. Varone took us on a tour of the buffet, where we learned that several of the new additions come under the heading of world cuisine. Examples include mahi with Creole cream sauce, vegetable curry and fried yucca with a
garlic sauce — not your typical buffetitems.Thebuffetalsohas fried plantains, coconut-battered shrimp and fried pork chops, plus steamship round beef at the carving station, grilled jalapeños, sautéed onions and sausage.
As one does at a buffet, we loaded up with a bit of

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