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Resolutions don’t need to start only on Jan. 1
 “I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think if you want to change something, change it today and don’t wait until the New Year.”
— Georgina Bloomberg, philanthropist
In the January issue of Jackpot!, we shared some New Year’s resolutions specifically geared for blackjack players. The resolutions came from gaming expert Henry Tamburin, author of many best-selling books on gambling, including Blackjack: Take the Money and Run. Tamburin also wrote resolutions for casino gamblers in general.
In a past column for Jackpot!, Tamburin told readers to be honest when thinking about if they lost more than expected or won more over the past year. He said there is hope for the New Year, but only for those who resolve to spend some time understanding basic rules and
playing strategies. We all know it
is best to understand what we’re
doing before jumping in.
loss limit and if I reach it, I will not dig into my pocket for more money but rather leave the table or machine and stop playing.
• I will not be greedy. If I am winning money, I will be content to quit with some profit rather than continue playing and risk losing it all back to the casino.
• When playing a new game for the first time I will do so for low stakes. Only when I feel confident about the game, will I consider increasing my betting level.
• I will set a goal to never give the casino more than a 1.5 percent edge on any bet I make. This may mean I will have to learn
my emotions get away from me in the casino- engineered excitement.
• If I find myself spending too much time and losing too much money in the casinos I will seek
professional help.
Those were from Tamburin. Here are a few extra resolutions:
• Remember to tip your dealers, cocktail servers, slot attendants and even the cashiers. And, if you can’t always tip, be kind. Say thank you, be patient and show a smile.
• Stop telling bragging on how much you win all the time, especially when you know that’s not true.
• Don’t try to “help” someone play. Not tips on slot machines, which numbers to bet on roulette or when to hit or stand. It’s bad manners and when it doesn’t go as planned, it is a bad mess.
• Know the rules to giveaways and promotions. If it takes 100 tier credits to get a free blanket, don’t try to get one with 90 tier credits. Pay attention to your offers and take advantage of your free play.
• Keep track of your wins and losses so you know how you did at the end of the year. You may learn something about the way you play and where you could do better.
Casino gambling is fun. But it doesn’t have to be expensive. Let the other players pay for the glitz and the glamour. You resolve that you will play to win.
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    The more skillful you play, Tamburin said, the greater chance you have to end the year a winner.
Here are some of his Gamblers New Year’s Resolutions, and remember, no need to wait until next January to start.
Don’t Wait Until January Start Now
  • I won’t play any casino table game or slot machine until I understand what the casino’s edge is and what, if anything, I can do to lower to it.
• I will only gamble with money that I can afford to lose should the worst happen. Even professional players can experience long periods of losing sessions so it could happen to me.
• I will never risk my entire playing bankroll at one session. I will always set a
a different casino game — like blackjack, craps, baccarat or video poker — so that I can achieve this goal.
• If I haven’t already I will join every casino’s players club and use their card every time I play.
• I will always keep in mind that a casino is a place of business run by business people whose job is to create an environment to make it easy for players to lose their money and feel good about it. I will not let
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