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 By Larry Gregory
difference, visit You will be glad you did.
It’s good to know progress is being made on the COVID front. We are
slowly but surely returning to a more normal way of life. We have had many challenges to overcome this past year, but our industry defied expectations and surprised many, performing well in the most difficult of circumstances. With the help of dedicated public officials, we have recovered quickly.
The pandemic has unquestionably
been ruthless and we knew early on that critical planning was necessary for our industry to recover. Momentum has been our guiding force as we’ve managed
to achieve record setting numbers. At the halfway point of 2021, the casinos were on pace to have the highest
total gross gaming revenue since they began operating in the 1990s. More importantly, we have seen an increase
in the number of tourists, higher than it has been in the past several years.
We should all be excited about the record-setting numbers this year, as they speak volumes about our premier casinos and their ability to not only attract guests, but also to provide
an experience that brings the guests back to our state. Many gaming states throughout the country have not been as successful as Mississippi. The steady hand provided by our casino general managers should not be overlooked. Facing obstacles never seen in our lifetime, they stepped up to provide the leadership needed.
Larry Gregory is the executive director of the Mississippi Gaming and Hospitality Association. He can be reached at
It has been more than seven years since I was diagnosed with cancer. I am thankful that the treatment I had worked and cured me
of this deadly
disease. In
October we
Breast Cancer
Month. We
should all be
aware of the
many mothers,
wives, and
— and even
those men —
who battle breast cancer each year.
We have come a long way in detection and prevention, but we should be ever mindful that it still exists.
Thanks to everyone who helped mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month events and participated in the many activities of your communities. Truly, this is a great cause. I am proud to be in an industry that participates to help people with breast cancer. We cannot lose sight of the efforts to find a cure for cancer and other life-threatening diseases as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.
To see people banding together to find cures and fight disease provides real comfort to me. Thanks to everyone making a difference. By the way, if you haven’t gotten involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would encourage you do so. Next October is a long way off, though, so don’t wait. Any day is a good day to become involved. For more information on how you can make a
 Larry Gregory
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