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Mississippi Gaming and Hospitality Association
MGHA monitoring legislation, rebooting 2018 SGS, May 1-3
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By Larry Gregory
The 2018 Mississippi legislature convened on Jan. 2, 2018. Typically, there are a lot of festivities for the first few days, so
they don’t get
into the real art
of legislation
until later. There
have been a few
bills that have
passed through
and the House
floor, however;
House Bills
354 and 357
were related to
The Mississippi Gaming and Hospitality Association will continue to monitor legislation that may have any language regarding Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs). Our position is firm — we do not believe this type of gaming is good for the state.
State Rep. Richard Bennett was named chairman of the House Education Committee. As many know, Richard was our Gaming Committee chair and led with distinction and honor during the many years he served. His leadership and willingness to stand up for gaming issues will be missed. We wish him
luck in his new role as chairman of Education.
Further, the Speaker of the House appointed Rep. Casey Eure as chair of the House Gaming Committee. He had previously served on the House Gaming Committee. Casey is from Saucier, Mississippi, so he is very familiar
with the issues of our industry. Our association is proud to have Rep. Eure as our new gaming committee chairman and look forward to working with him.
We are confident that he will continue to be pro-active in gaming issues across our state.
In other news, MGHA has parted
ways with BNP Media. MGHA is now
the sole owner of the Southern Gaming Summit. We believe that sole ownership of the show by the MGHA gives us a real opportunity to reposition the show in a way that will provide maximum benefit to the industry in our region. At one point, the SGS was the second largest gaming show in the U.S. and we want to bring it back to what it was years ago.
We plan some major changes in the show, which we will reveal in May. Our goal is to “reboot” SGS 2018 and offer a different product that will be of interest to members of our organization and beyond.
MGHA understands the busy schedule of trade shows throughout the year.
We know it is a great expense to send personnel and slot machines to our show. This year, we have decided to offer a product showcase — small booths
in connection with sponsorships that won’t put an undue burden on those companies that support SGS.
In light of all of this, I am asking gaming stakeholders for continued support of SGS 2018. Yes, this is a transition year, but we can pull all of
our resources to build a great show for years to come. Our exhibitors, industry, state, and employees are depending on it. Please assist us in bringing back one of the largest and best gaming shows in the country to our state.
We can still have this bright star in Biloxi May 1-3, 2018. Please join us and let’s do it!
Larry Gregory is the executive director of the Mississippi Gaming and Hospitality Association. He can be reached at
Larry Gregory
Find out more about the MGHA, visit
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