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 5 Minutes With... Cathy Beeding
 What, where, when was your first job in the gaming industry? I was hired by two gentlemen who came to be my first mentors in the gaming industry, Rick Carter and Terry Green, to be their inaugural general counsel for the Copa Casino (now Island View Casino Resort) in Gulfport in 2000.
What do you like best about your current job? It’s hard to limit what I like best about being general manager at Riverwalk to one thing, so I’ll give you three:
Location — Being back in Mississippi (which I consider home) means so much to me, and I really enjoy living in Vicksburg.
Returning to Churchill — Being part of a legendary company like Churchill is such an honor.
The job itself — Churchill has
trusted me enough to move out of a legal role after 22 years and into an operations role, and that is such a huge responsibility.
What is the best piece of business advice you ever received and from whom did you receive it? My first general manager at Copa Casino was a true southern gentleman, Rick Quinn, who gave me a great piece of advice: “Don’t ever miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.” My interpretation of this is that as leaders we should listen more, talk less.
Recently, the mayor of Vicksburg,
the Honorable George Flaggs, gave me
Name Cathy Beeding
Current Title General Manager
Company Riverwalk Casino & Hotel, Churchill Downs Incorporated
Years In The Gaming Industry 22 Years
  some great advice, “Keep life simple, and make it look easy.” I’m working on that one.
What advice do you have for those just starting in the gaming industry? Keep your eyes and ears open. There is so much to learn and experience every moment of every day in the gaming industry. If a team member comes into the industry in one area and doesn’t find satisfaction in that role, there’s always another area to explore and learn.
How do you define “success”? A pretty good gauge of success is my team’s level of happiness and fulfillment. If the team isn’t happy and functioning at a high level, that tends to bleed into the guest’s experience. If we set the right tone as leaders, seek to create an inclusive environment and act on ideas that will provide an overall improved experience — not only for our guests, but also for team members — then the property will inevitably succeed and the
team will be a part of and fully invested in that success.
What is something you do each
day just for yourself? I work out every morning before heading to work. It’s something I started doing after a health scare and has become a critical part of my life and daily routine. I also think a good workout routine helps your body be prepared for sleep at night and enables rest that enriches both mind and body.
What is it about the gaming industry that makes it a good industry? To me, the opportunities the gaming industry provides for every person who wants
to be part of it makes it one the best industries. Regardless of background, educational attainment, life experiences or skill sets, if you have the right attitude, loyalty and dedication, you can find a career within the gaming industry and the industry will welcome you with open arms.

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