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      Delta Coast Blues Burger.
814 Howard Ave. Biloxi
Find us on Facebook @groundzerobiloxi
Wednesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-until
10 a.m.-2 p.m.
story by Kimberly C. Rasmussen
photos courtesy of Ground Zero Blues Club and Restaurant
Music is something that speaks to me. It always has. There’s something about the low hum of a dark melody that finds its way to you and penetrates the deepest parts of your soul. It can be a release when you’re angry, a way to celebrate when you’re happy, or your immediate crutch on a bad day. Music is a cure-all. And all music can speak to you. That’s the best part about it, there’s something for everyone. Music is kind of like food. It’s comforting.
It’s purposeful. It can be your go-to
for any situation. And just like music, there’s a little food for everyone, too.
The combination of live music and food is nothing revolutionary. Lots
of places showcase amazing local talent amidst a sea of drinks and shareables. However, when done right, the combination of a delicious meal and incredible music set against a top-notch backdrop all fuse together
to form one truly electric recipe
for success. Think you can only
find something this stellar in big cities? Think again. One of the latest additions to the up-and-coming scene in Downtown Biloxi has you covered. Ground Zero Blues Club is ticking all the melodic boxes and for all the right reasons.
While you may already be familiar with the concerts and shows taking place at Ground Zero, did you know that they have an incredibly epic kitchen showcasing some of the best burgers, sandwiches, and BBQ that you can find this side of the Delta? Brunch items include standouts like chicken and waffles and GZ omelet with biscuits and gravy. The chocolate chip Belgian waffles make the perfect fluffy base for hand-battered, crispy chicken. It’s the perfect mix of savory and sweet. House gravy smothers hot

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