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 meals. Marcia, on the other hand, was born and raised in Jamaica. She spent the last 14 years working as a chef in the Ocean Springs hospital cafeteria, although she knew she always had a passion for bringing her hometown food to the people of the Coast. They wanted to work for themselves while giving the public something new and exciting. After one meal at Wagwan, you’ll agree that they are accomplishing their goal.
Akin to any kind of small, sealed handheld pie, the Jamaican beef patty is a true delight. Seasoned ground beef and habanero spices are delicately hugged by a warm flaky pastry, lightly seasoned with turmeric, resulting in a beautiful orange hue. Move over sweet tea – a cold glass of Sorrel is my new ultimate go-to. Sorrel is a Jamaican tea made from hibiscus, ginger, and additional spices. Often mixed with rum, Kelvin has plans to create a margarita version of this rich, purple tea, and I am definitely on pins and needles in anticipation.
Marcia’s entrees are incredibly impressive. The Jerk chicken marinates in spices for almost 48 hours before being grilled and slathered with a house jerk sauce that is made fresh daily. Served on the side is Kelvin’s traditional, southern potato salad and the best fried plantains you’ll ever find. The Wagwan oxtails are an epic treat! Braised and slow-cooked, two oxtails are seasoned and served under a collection of carrots, butterbeans, and rich thyme seasoning. Marcia’s sauteed cabbage is a standout, consisting of shredded cabbage, tossed with tri-colored bell peppers and a special house seasoning that is blended and sauteed perfectly. Jamaican rice and peas topped with coconut milk round out this incredible dish. Curry goat, jerk chicken sandwiches, and the house blend Wagwan hamburger are just a sample of the additional items you can find on any given day.
Wagwan is a Jamaican patois phrase that colloquially means, “What’s going on?!” What’s going on at Wagwan Jamaican Bistro is a whole lot of something special. Although they opened their doors less than one year ago, Kelvin and Marcia have big plans for Wagwan. Specialty drinks will soon be available. Kelvin and Marcia take pride in the bright and cool environment that Wagwan provides, and it is their goal to make each customer feel like family. Check out Wagwan Jamaican Bistro and you’ll be quickly transported to an island without ever leaving your seat.
 Jerk Chicken, Fried Plantains, House Potato Salad.
  Jamaican Beef Patty.
Sorrel Punch.

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