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                story by John N. Felsher
In Tents or RVs, It’s All About Family Togetherness
In my younger years, I loved camping with my dad and seeing new places. People can still enjoy great adventures and family togetherness when camping.
“I grew up tent camping,” explains Marques Thomas, owner of Majestic Oaks RV Park in Biloxi. “Then, we went to a pop-up camper and finally a recreational vehicle.”
  Beginner campers can buy all sorts of reasonably priced items to make their camping experiences much more comfortable and enjoyable. Campers on a budget would need a tent. Get one slightly bigger than the family size. For instance, a family of four might want to get a six-person tent. That leaves room for storage and any guests.
“Tents come in all sizes,” Thomas advises. “For less than $300, someone could buy a good tent to accommodate a family of four and sleeping bags for everyone.”
Most sleeping bags come rated for different temperature ranges. People planning to camp only during the summer need a light bag. Some come with liners that essentially make two bags in one for use in different conditions.
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Air mattresses make sleeping much more comfortable. Buy a small portable air pump to inflate them. Cots keep people above the ground and allow room to place things beneath them. Some folding cots break down into small packages. Get some folding chairs to go with the cots. Campers also need flashlights, lanterns, a portable gas stove or grill and an ice chest for storing food.
Many state parks offer great places for novices to start. Campers get the feeling of being in the wilderness, but close to facilities such as stores, showers and bathrooms. I used to love going to Percy Quin State Park in McComb and fishing in the park lake.
“Someone just getting started in camping should go to a | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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