Page 96 - Discover South Mississippi - Fall, 2021
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   story by Holly Harrison and Shannon Stage
The Secret Coast isn’t a secret anymore! The quaint and quiet hamlets along Coastal Mississippi are booming with visitors looking for a slower paced, clear-your-mind kind of getaway, and they
have found it. Falling in love with the authentic southern hospitality found in South Mississippi is easy to do, and the vacation rental and housing markets are hotter than the dog days of August.
Second home sales have skyrocketed over the past year and a half. Coastal Mississippi tourism officials report that there has also been a dramatic increase in the vacation rental business as some of the homes being purchased are being used as rental properties now with plans for the property to become a retirement residence in the future. Historically, it seemed that second home- owners along the Coast were folks from New Orleans and other parts nearby, but that is no longer the case. We are on the national radar!
Taking a vacation is good for your mental and physical health according to health experts. Time away from the stresses of our everyday lives improves our motivation, prospective, and performance. Studies even show that when we treat weekends like a vacation, the benefits
are still there. We are happier to return to work after a weekend away. So, let’s talk about how to create a hap- py weekend space that feels like you are on vacation.
Furnishing and decorating a second home is a great opportunity to have some fun and experiment with your design aesthetic. You can take some risks on a sec- ond home that you might not take in your main house. You can try something new! But remember why you want a second home. You want to decompress and relax with family and friends. Keep it simple, casual, and comfortable.
Let your location inspire you. Can you see water? Are you surrounded by graceful flowing oaks? Views to your natural habitat will go a long way towards your goal of removing the stress in your life. Big windows

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