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   Holly Harrison has been a licensed interior designer for over 35 years.
Shannon Stage has spent nearly 20 years in the giftware industry.
Together they own Sassy Bird Interiors in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
   and unobstructed views are important. Those views are a reminder that you have escaped your normal routine.
Open, uncluttered interior spaces will support the feeling that you can relax and breathe. But you don’t have to sacrifice coziness. Use a cohesive soothing color palette throughout your home. Repeat accent colors in your furnishings and accessories to further draw your design scheme together.
Select furnishings that you love while keeping comfort and flexibility in mind. Look for seating with durable fabrics that can accommodate at least six people in your main living area. Dining chairs, smaller tables, and modular seating can be moved around giving you op- tions for entertaining. Don’t forget you will need furni- ture with storage for all the games, puzzles, and books. You can never have too much storage inside or out.
Consider putting more beds per room in your second home than you would normally put in your main home so more folks can enjoy the laid-back Mississippi vibe with you. Twin beds or bunkbeds are great for sleeping more people in a limited number of spaces. We strongly urge against putting large dressers in guest bedrooms. Visitors need space for a minimal amount of unpacking, but they aren’t moving in! Shelving or hanging stor- age in a closet works great and you don’t lose valuable room space for other pieces, such as a beautiful chair or small chest.
Give your guests a pretty bowl or basket for personal items and they are good to go. A similar catch-all in the bathroom will be appreciated too. Spend some money on good linens because nothing makes a guest feel more
welcome than a luxurious bed with multiple options for warmth! We love all white sheets and towels for easy cleaning. And buy more towels than you think you will ever need. A bedside lamp for reading hung on the wall or on a bedside table is essential.
Don’t skimp in the kitchen. Purchase nice appliances and the larger the refrigerator, the better! Southern en- tertaining always involves the kitchen. A deck or patio grill is also a must.
Underneath it all, don’t forget that a hardworking floor is key to a more carefree lifestyle. Tile, hardwoods, and some of the newer, more attractive vinyl planks
will stand up to the sand and water everyone tracks
in. Be practical and skip the carpet. Beautiful carefree rugs will give you the luscious look you want. Once the basics are covered you can layer in the accessories and artwork that will ultimately pull it all together.
Don’t overdo a theme, take your time to find the pieces that will speak to you every time you see them, making your second home uniquely yours. Architects and designers use the term “sense of place” to describe creating a place where you feel special or feel like you belong. Spaces with a sense of place also reflect their local culture and heritage.
There’s no better way to create your sense of place than to shop locally owned businesses for furnishings and accessories. Every town along the coast offers a charming main street with small boutique style shops where you will find lots of local flavor. And you won’t find friendlier customer service anywhere. If you need help giving your second home a sense of place, just ask. Fall 2021   DISCOVER COASTAL MISSISSIPPI 97

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