Page 98 - Discover South Mississippi - Spring, 2022
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   story by Christina Mohrman and courtesy of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance photo by Jennifer McGee
The new year begins with a time for reflection, growth, and change. Your new year habits might now include smarter spending, living a healthier lifestyle, or learning a new skill. It’s not too late to add a resolution to take action for a healthier Gulf of Mexico.
The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA), an inclusive partnership of environmental professionals, is also committed to
taking action for a healthier Gulf of Mexico in 2022. GOMA recognizes that the Gulf Coast is a unique place to live,
work, and play, and the Alliance provides regional leadership for collaboration to protect this special place. This year, GOMA is set to
implement a new strategic plan, signed by the governors of all five Gulf states. This plan brings a renewed focus on coastal community
resilience, improved habitats, wildlife conservation, and outreach. Throughout the year, the Alliance will share ways you can volunteer
in the community, protect wildlife, and get outside; each of which plays a role in making a difference for the Gulf of Mexico. Visit our
website,, and join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram @gulfofmexicoalliance to learn about the
wonders of the Gulf, find resources, and more.
       This story is sponsored by Clean Gulf Associates and Shell.
Make a Positive Change for the Gulf of Mexico
• Choose local, wild caught seafood to support sustainable fisheries
• Use less plastic by carrying a reusable water bottle
• Pick up trash when you visit the beach to protect wildlife
• Volunteer in your community
• Add a rain garden to your yard to reduce flooding

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