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Despite the challenges associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, I have never been more excited for the future of our great University. As we have made dif cult decisions for the sake of our health, safety and viability, the students, faculty, staff and stakeholders of our University have displayed incredible resolve and strength. We are strong and united.
Our faculty and staff transformed their methods of working and teaching within days, adapting quickly and ensuring our students can continue to learn and persist to graduation. Our students have had their expectations for the semester upended, yet they engage via a myriad of social media platforms. I mourn the memories and experiences they will be unable to make together on the Hill during this time, but I am in awe of their adaptability and resilience.
I offer two words to each of you: Thank you. Thank you for believing in Kentucky State University. Thank you for keeping all Thorobreds in your best thoughts. Thank you for who you are and what you mean to our great institution. Kentucky State continues to thrive and it is because of you.
Never forget that it is not what happens to us that de nes us, but rather how we respond to what happens to us. I am immeasurably grateful for how our Thorobred family has stood strong for one another. I am humbled to be called to serve in such a time as this. My personal prayer is that history will judge us all by our efforts to do good work and leave “The Great Kentucky State” better than we found her.
As you read this edition of Onward + Upward, you will note that the bond between our students, our faculty, our staff, our alumni and our community is stronger than ever. This year, Kentucky State University programs have been recognized with many accolades and HBCU awards. Our campus is evolving with new construction and building dedications,
and our students are offering volunteer services on campus and in the community throughout the year.
Thorobreds have so much to be proud of and so much to look forward to. But in the African tradition of Ubuntu, we cannot look forward without giving back. We will not move forward without your continued support and  nancial assistance. Giving of your time and resources, especially during these dif cult days, shows our students – present and future – that you believe in our University. It proves that “once a Thorobred, always a Thorobred” is true.
How incredible would it be for another student to have their life changed through a Kentucky State University education just like you? How much excellence would establishing endowed professorships bring to our institution, re ecting the great faculty you experienced? How inspiring would it be for our choir, band and football team to arrive back on campus in the fall to new uniforms to represent your alma mater with pride?
In the midst of this crisis, I implore all members of the Thorobred family to unite and stand stronger than has ever been recorded since 1886. Let us show the world that we are THOROBRED STRONG.
Until we meet again on the Hill, remember that Thorobreds are moving #KSUForward and can face any challenge when we are together in spirit, word and deed.
Forever Forward,
M. Christopher Brown II
M. Christopher Brown II, Ph.D. 18th President
Kentucky State University

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