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       Every year, numerous talented artists display their works at the Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival. Choosing the festival winners is a hard job, but every year the judges walk the festival to evaluate the booths and choose winners for the different categories. The winning artists receive cash prizes and plaques to display at their booth.
The 2020 Winners at the 42nd Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival Included:
Best of Show:
Presented by Blue Moon, Bobby and Deana Goldsmith of Perkinston, Mississippi received the award for their impeccably done realistic pastel and graphite drawings.
Peter Anderson Legacy Award:
2020’s honoree was Robin Rodgers of Smyrna, Georgia, for his nature-inspired wheel thrown, carved, and sculpted pottery vessels.
Award of Excellence:
This award was presented to Blake and Melanie Schlossberg of Dirigible Designs, who fabricate sterling silver jewelry that balances tension and asymmetry.
Award for the Creative Arts:
Dusty Reed (aka the Cajun Picasso) of Lafayette, Louisiana won this award for his unique 3D mixed media wood art.
Booth Award:
Known for his mixed media art, Chris Cumbie of Mobile, Alabama was awarded the Booth Award for the unique display.
Peter Anderson Festival Guide | 2021
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