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      A staple of the festival, this year’s t-shirts were designed by local artist Stig Marcussen.
“I’ve been asked to design the t-shirt multiple times since
the festival started,” Marcussen says. “One year, I got the
idea to do the actual festival – but instead of people, we use critters. So, it’s alligators making a fool of themselves, it’s little armadillos pushing oxygen tanks and smoking – that kind of stuff. It’s making fun of the human condition.
“My goal was to create the feeling of Ocean Springs. Make it look like this fictionalized festival was actually happening. All of the animals are even local to here.”
Marcussen is also proud of the way that he manages to incorporate the logos of festival sponsors into his art. He dislikes t-shirts where all the logos are clumped together on the back, so he tries to do something different by working them into a design on the back of the shirt.
This year he created not one, not two, but four designs to choose from. He drew one from one angle and wasn’t happy with it, so
he tried again. And again. And again. “I start with a lot in the design, and keep editing and editing until it looks precise,” he says. Eventually, one design was chosen to showcase at this year’s festival.
This year, the short-sleeved shirts are available in a white heather design with the artwork in black. The long-sleeved shirts are available in black with the artwork in teal. These shirts will be sold online at and at the festival.
Festival Merchandise
Something new to the
festival, festival merchandise! Exclusive to this year will
include a new tank top with
graffiti like art where attendees
will be able to choose the color
of their ink. The sweatshirt will
be available pre-festival only at
the Chamber and online. The
tank will be available at the
festival exclusively. Also available will be festival tumblers!
Peter Anderson Festival Guide | 2021
T-Shirt 2021
 Stig Marcussen

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