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              The Peter Anderson Festival doesn't just happen. It takes year round planning and an army of 200 volunteers for this celebration of arts and crafts and the Ocean Springs community to welcome thousands of visitors each year. Volunteers include those from the chamber assistant team, board of directors, chamber ambassadors, along with some of the city leaders and community volunteers.
Chamber of Commerce President Carole Marie Stuart says, “Coupled with the personal and social benefits provided by this festival, numerous opportunities are available for our local artists, boutique shops, and restaurants to flourish. Local entrepreneurs can thereby capitalize on the unique aspects of Ocean Springs, while the economic impact of the Peter Anderson Festival helps sustain our community and adjacent communities throughout the upcoming year. By increasing tourism on the Mississippi Gulf Coast future generations of local artists and businesses will continue to thrive.”
As soon as the festival ends, planning immediately begins for the spring arts festival and for the following year’s Peter Anderson Arts and Crafts festival. Organizers say the biggest challenge of holding a festival of this size is keeping the quality at the level of a fine arts and crafts festival. They are always finding ways to improve and keep the festival fresh.
The footprint of the Peter Anderson Festival will be the same as in years past, which takes over most of the downtown area. Organizers plan to add a new activity or two to the two-day festival. Almost 400 vendors are expected this year with vendors coming from all over the United States, including Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, California, and New York.
Together all this hard work pays off, contributing to the sales tax revenue that helps the community’s small businesses and artists sustain.
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