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  November 4 & 5, 2023 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. SATURDAY & SUNDAY
Celebrating 95 years of Shearwater Pottery &
45 years of the Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival
       Young at Art
The Young at Art market, situated on the grounds of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, is a vendor area allowing young artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their artwork during the festival. The exhibit will showcase works of young adults age 8 to 18 from the throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast as they learn to become art entrepreneurs. Exhibit will be held from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, November 4.
First Aid
If you require medical attention, First Aid is located near the L&N Depot Plaza. See map for detailed locations.
Police Box
In honor of law enforcement and as part of one of the vendor booths, a life size Police Box will be an interactive feature on Porter Ave. near First Baptist Church.
Comfort Station restrooms and portable restrooms will be located throughout the festival footprint. A comfort station can be found off of Cash Alley. Portable restrooms will also be located throughout the festival. Restrooms are provided by the City of Ocean Springs and Jazzy Johns.
See map for details.
52nd Annual Fall Exhibit & Sale Exhibit
Art exhibit created by members of the Ocean Springs Art Association. Located within the Community Center, painted by Walter Anderson
at 510 Washington Avenue.
Festival Merchandise
Festival merchandise including t-shirts, koosies, and tumblers are available, as well as commemorative mugs. In honor of Peter Anderson, founder of Shearwater Pottery, commemorative pottery mugs will be available during the festival. While supplies last, visit Shearwater Pottery at booth #134 to purchase this year’s commemorative festival mug.
More Info.
During the festival, staff and trained volunteers will be on hand to assist with any information and guidance needed. Stop by the Ocean Springs Visitors Center at 1000 Washington Avenue, the information booths located at each entrance, or look for one of our staff or volunteers wearing a red festival shirt.
Official Vendors
Official exhibitors are required
to display their signs and booth information prominently so that patrons know they are purchasing from a legitimate Peter Anderson Festival artist or business. Vendors who have set up booths in private areas are not affiliated with the festival.
Additional Art Locations
Mary C.
Duckett Gallery – George Ann McCullough paintings Local Creatives Gallery – Jerika Broussard with Mixed Media
Exhale an Atmosphere: Blosme by Barbara G. Haines Tide Lines: Photographs by Ben Depp

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