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        help to repair the damage and visible effects of aging on the skin and deeper tissue layers. But, for most of our patients, it also helps them connect how they look with how they feel.
We age physically out of proportion to how we
age mentally. We feel full of life but we often feel a disconnect when we look in the mirror and see the changes of aging. At Glam & Glo Medical Aesthetics Lounge, we are reconnecting that bridge by reversing the signs of aging. We also like to think of it as a form of maintenance.
While providing care to our patients, we couldn’t help but notice that almost all of them were already maintaining their hair, teeth, nails, and all of their other organs, but seemed to fall short at maintaining their skin. Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? It’s important to maintain it as well as the collagen and elastin it’s composed of.
The skin, however, is only one key component that causes signs of aging. Facial fat loss, muscle movement over time, and even structural changes in the bones play
a role in what we see when we look in the mirror. Why would we not want to maintain those things as well?
We offer free, in-depth consultations where our injectors sit down and listen to your individual concerns and help customize a maintenance plan that meets your goals. We believe injectables should be undetectable and, instead of changing your looks, should make you appear naturally refreshed and rejuvenated.
Keep them guessing in 2024 and make this the year of you!
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