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    When should you
story by Victoria Snyder
It can be hard to know when to
go to the doctor. “Is something really wrong, or am I just feeling off today?” you might say to yourself. Or, “I must’ve bumped into something for that bruise to show up, right?” Or even, “I’ve just been on my feet a lot lately, that must be why they’re hurting.”
This can be true. But sometimes, there may be an under- lying cause or problem. Of course, every doctor is differ- ent, so these questions do not apply to every situation or appointment.
• What is happening? Have I had these symptoms before? If yes, is there something different about them this time?
• How long have I had these symptoms? Have they been getting better, worse, or staying the same?
• Do I feel like something is wrong?
• What would be best for my health? What risks do I run
by not going to the doctor?
Nobody knows you better than yourself, so take the time to ruminate over these questions. If you think something is wrong, don’t turn to Google – make an appointment.
When you go in for a check-up, chances are your doctor will ask you something similar to this, so having your answers thought out beforehand can help both you and your doctor.
 104 | June 2022 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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