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October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month
 I am a firm believer that God allows things to happen and people
to be brought into our lives at the exact moment that we need them. Shortly after my 35th birthday, my belief became reality in a BIG way. Lying in bed one night, something reminded me that it was time to do my monthly self-breast exam. I was always very diligent about my self-exams, but this time was different. I felt something the
size of a peanut that would ultimately change my life forever. Suddenly I was not just a mom and a teacher; I was now
also a fighter. Dr. Allison Wall, and her staff at Hematology Oncology Partners were there with me every step of the
way. Not only were they there to provide me with the best
medical treatment possible, but they were there to listen,
guide, and pray with me. I have the most amazing team
in my corner, and I thank God for them every single day.
I would not have wanted things any other way. Five
years later, I am living, breathing proof that self-breast
exams save lives, and nothing is impossible when you
are surrounded by the best support system around.
   Allison Wall, M.D. Olivia Hightower, M.D. Stephanie Fussell, M.D.
~ Valerie Jalanivich
1340 Broad Ave., Ste. 330, Gulfport 920 Tommy Munro Dr., Biloxi
147 Reynoir Street, Ste 204, Biloxi 835 Thames Ave., Bay St. Louis 1440 E. Central Ave., Wiggins 228-575-1234
Hematology Oncology Partners
Memorial Physician Clinics
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