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  A Little Firm With POWERFUL Legal Representation
No matter how small or big a legal issue is, it can be overwhelming, and the toll it can take on someone can be life changing. My name is Jarrett Little. Since 2014, I’ve served the Mississippi Gulf Coast community as an attorney and as an officer in the Mississippi Army National Guard. My experience in both careers gives me a unique perspective on the stresses legal troubles can have on your life.
   Bankruptcy Law
  Lemon Law
  Family Law
  Criminal Law/DUI
2505 14th St., Ste. 212, GULFPORT 228.867.6050 •
  When you are diagnosed, your head spins in a million directions and just when you think you have the slightest grip on reality, it is time to find the right doctor for you. The first thought is you have to go out of town to receive the very best treatment to save your life, which at one time may have
been the case. I too went out of state but was given
little hope. That’s when I came home and heard
about an amazing doctor right here in my very own hometown. I had the convenience of being home
and having the HOPE team guide me through a
time of sheer fright. I am forever thankful. And
here I stand, 6 years and 2 months cancer
free. If you are 50 or older, please get
screened. If you notice any warning signs
or symptoms, please contact your doctor. It
makes a huge difference.
~ Scuba Steve®, Cancer Survivor ‘17
  Allison Wall, M.D. Olivia Hightower, M.D. Stephanie Fussell, M.D.
1340 Broad Ave., Ste. 330, Gulfport 920 Tommy Munro Dr., Biloxi
835 Thames Ave., Bay St. Louis 1440 E. Central Ave., Wiggins 228-575-1234
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