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 Sound Solution
 story by Kelsey Sunderman-Foster photos by Katherine Sowers and courtesy of Sound Solutions
         Some of the most successful businesses come from humble beginnings, as is the case for Sound Solutions in Gulfport. Brett Shank cultivated his love for audio fabrication back in his high school years, working from his family’s garage in his spare time.
“Back then, car audio was just a hobby,” Shank recalls. “It just snowballed into something incredible. I have my family’s electronics business to thank for my foundational knowledge. That helped
me understand acoustic properties and electronic theory, allowing me to design and build first rate custom audio systems.”
While he had no real plans of turning his hobby into a business, Sound Solutions will celebrate 24 years in operation in March. Regarding his success, Shank
says, “I have always put more emphasis on customer relations versus making
a profit. I care about my customers’ satisfaction and my personal and business reputation. I have always strived to make
sure everyone is happy with my service. I try to give every customer a better Sound Solution.”
What sets Sound Solutions apart from others in their field is the same passion that inspired a young Shank. “I’ve always strived to do things in a unique way without straying too far away from the industry standard of expectations,” he says. “I believe my customers see this passion and recognize the differences from there.”
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