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    While most people think that Sound Solutions only specializes in car audio installations, they also provide residential and commercial audio, including restaurants, home theaters, retail businesses, churches, and, more recently, smart home devices. “You name it, we’ve done it,” says Shank. “Although we don’t advertise these services much, they’re in the Sound Solutions wheelhouse.”
Whether its a automobile, boat, ATV or even a home, Sound Solutions is always on the cutting edge of today’s technology – constantly evolving, constantly advancing through training. “It’s important to diversify your knowledge base to stay on top. I want customers to feel confident that we know all the ins and outs of our craft.”
Sound Solutions has always had
a reputation for top-notch custom fabrication, and Shank says the most recent additions to the arsenal surprise many people. “We have a Laguna Tools Smartshop2 industrial CNC, a laser engraver/cutter and a 3D printer allowing us to design, cut and build virtually anything a customer wants in- house. The level of fabrication we can offer versus what you can buy online
or from a big box store is exponentially disproportionate. These machines are a
Best of Gulfport in Electronics for 8 years in a row.
game changer.”
Having these tools at his disposal
means the sky is the limit – any customer’s vision can be a reality.
“I’ve done thousands of incredible installs for some incredibly famous
rock stars, sports super stars,
musicians, and even reality TV
stars, but I have to say my favorite
install is the one I am currently
working on,” Shank says. “It’s a Range Rover for my daughter, Presleigh’s,
16th birthday. I have a pretty incredible custom audio design in store for her to go along with some unique custom touches, like pink Swarovski crystal emblems, and a fiberoptic starlight ceiling, mimicking the celestial pattern of the night sky
on the day she was born (she says I’m “extra”).
Shank and his team treat every job with as much care as Presleigh’s Range Rover. It’s no
wonder they
are the go-to source for the Coast’s Sound Solutions.
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Sound Solutions
2315 25th Ave., Gulfport 228.868.9993
Brett Shank after opening Sound Solutions in 1998.

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