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  Outdoor yoga. I know, a lot of you probably shut down as soon as you read the word “yoga.” But it’s a great way to increase both physical and mental health and doing it outside offers an extra dimension of tranquility.
Yoga improves flexibility, balance and posture and promotes relaxation and stress relief. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master or a rookie, instructors typically teach for all skill levels so everyone benefits
Stargazing. Who hasn’t looked in the sky on
a clear night and found a sense of peace or inspiration? Whether you’re lying on the hood of your car in the driveway or at a dark-sky location away from city lights, stargazing is a mesmerizing experience.
Stargazing encourages relaxation and mindfulness as you focus on the immensity of the galaxies. Additionally, spending time outdoors at night helps regulate sleep patterns and improve overall sleep quality, leading to better physical and mental health.
Geocaching (pronounced gee-O-cashing). I prefer to call this treasure hunting. It’s pretty simple, using a GPS or an app you search for treasure stashes all over the world. The treasures include small items relevant to the person who hid them and a log book. Depending on the cache, you can take a little something (and leave a little something in return), and sign the logbook, or simply sign the logbook and then put it back for the next hunter.
Better cardiovascular health and improved muscle strength are just two of the benefits of this treasure hunt. The problem-solving skills and the sense of accomplishment when you find a cache also promote mental wellness.
I would say all of these are great ways to live a healthy lifestyle outdoors without breaking a sweat, but let’s be real, our climate doesn’t offer but a handful of months when we won’t break a sweat just from thinking about going outside. But these are all perfect ways for you to be active outside without having to be Ironmen. So, get outside and enjoy!
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