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  Life After
THE Shot
Real Life Experiences of Patients Who Have Used Weight Loss Medications
story by Dr. Nickie Harris-Ray
So, now we know that weight loss drugs can be a tool to help conquer the obesity crisis in the United States. When used properly, the semiglutide shots and many others can help with the initial loss. Though we may often see the aftermath, not many discuss the road to getting there. Here are a few real-time testimonials.
TB is a 46-year-old female who was initially given Ozempic and then Mounjaro. She lost 20 pounds in the first three weeks, and then the process stopped. She was then given Mounjaro and enlisted the help of a personal trainer. Between April and October 2023, she lost an additional 45 pounds. She is now off the meds and maintaining a healthy weight with boot camp workouts. No complaints.
MJ is a 48-year-old female. She started Ozempic in October of 2023. She went from 275 to 228 pounds but then developed another illness and had to take steroids, which put 20 pounds back on her frame. But, after the steroids, she again took off 15 of that 20. She remarks
that she used to be smaller and needs to be below 200 pounds. However, after battling recurrent illnesses that required steroid treatment, weight gain became a problem, and medical intervention was needed. She also plans
on incorporating the Bye Bye Belly drink. She had no significant side effects.
SJ is 42. She started Wegovy last August and has lost 27 132 | May 2024
pounds. She is under 5’5, and at an initial weight of 262 pounds, she was considered obese. Her doctor has since retired; her new one recently upped her dosage. Her only side effect has been constipation, combatted with detox tea. She did not take Ozempic because she has loved ones who have diabetes, and there is a supply shortage.
KH is 47 and uses Ozempic for diabetes, not for weight loss. Her A1c dropped from a 7 to a 6, but she also has lost 20 pounds. The medication did this independently with no real effort, with 10 pounds dropping off in the first month. After a year on the meds, she does realize she needs to make dietary and physical changes to get out of a “stall” and lose more weight.
RB is a 49-year-old who was on Wegovy for nine months and lost 30 pounds. She stopped in November and has kept the weight off with dietary changes. She wants to lose more but cannot handle the side effects. She had stomach issues and vomited often.
Finally, the worst side effects were experienced by BamaMom35, a 35-year-old. She eventually settled on the use of appetite suppressant Adipex in November over the shot. She was prescribed a trial dose of Ozempic long ago in 2020, and it made her “super sick” and she was “losing fluid from both ends.” But fortunately, she has lost 30 pounds on the Adipex. | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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