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    Nadiya Copeland
Nadiya Copeland’s business, Candid Hope, has evolved from a cleaning company to one that’s restoring humanity. “The inspiration behind opening my cleaning and service company stemmed from my own experience of moving to the U.S. from Ukraine and witnessing the struggles and challenges that people face when forced to leave their homes due to war,” she says. “So many people asked what they
can do to help. We found solutions! By hiring these women, you are helping them and their families who are in desperate need.”
Her greatest success is witnessing the positive impact her company is having on the lives
of the people she’s hired and their families, mostly refugees from Ukraine, Moldova, and other countries affected by the war. “Seeing my team members achieve their goals, send money home to their loved ones, and thrive in their new environment is truly priceless.”
One of the greatest obstacles Copeland had to overcome was establishing trust and building relationships with those she hired and the
local community. “Coming from a different country and culture, it was important to
bridge gaps and build a strong foundation of trust. This required effective communication, active listening, understanding the needs and aspirations of those I was working with, and overcoming language barriers and cultural differences.”
Candid Hope is also assisting refugees who are relocating here. “They leave their houses with one bag, leaving their whole life behind. But by the generosity of our community we
are able to find housing and furnishings, clothing and hygiene items. A huge thank you to everyone who is helping.”
If you’re looking to help or need professional cleaning and organizing services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Candid Hope.
P.O. Box 506, Pass Christian 228.233.9738
 132 | September 2023 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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