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Eat Right Meal Prep
story by Luke Height
photos courtesy of Eat Right Meal Prep
We all know the importance of eating healthy, portion controlled meals but food prep can take so much time. The process of shopping, cooking and cleaning can take forever. With such busy lives, we usually just can’t find the time to keep up. We’ve also probably spent way too much money eating out and putting unhealthy foods into our body. Until
Former gym owners Joff and Michele Clarke partnered with Chef Rob Stinson of Salute Restaurant to create the healthiest prepared meals available and the largest meal prep company in the state, Eat Right Meal Prep, based out of Gulfport. Michele gives us some insight into how the team at Eat Right Meal Prep aims to serve the community. She says, “Our goal is to help people save money, time and eat healthy. With our 15 meals plan, customers can balance their daily food budget at just $6.67 per meal. No more cooking, cleaning dishes and tons of grocery shopping. After just a few minutes in the microwave, they can eat delicious chef prepared meals.”
Not only is it a great idea, this company has seen customer success come to life. Clarke says, “Eric Valles, local fire fighter and training chief came to us for help with his weight loss. He's lost 91 pounds in five months eating our meals.” This has been a huge transformation for Eric and a testament to the healthy meals this company has made.
Clarke says, “Eric takes our healthy portion controlled meals to
work and eats them for lunch every day. This saves him money from expensive lunch orders and time.” Eric has been able to use his time more effectively and lose the excess weight that was holding him back. These meals only take up to two minutes to heat up and are fresh and delicious.
Through creating such incredible products that are bringing wellness to people’s diets, Eat Right Meal Prep has become the largest meal prep company in the state of Mississippi. Their meals have been approved by both Oschner and Memorial hospitals. Providing healthy food to those that need it most.
   Eric Valles lost 91 pounds in five months eating our meals.
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