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   a big piece of furniture can be a fantastic focal point, just be sure it is worth the disruption! Limit small occasional and accent pieces that can make a room look cluttered and hectic. Natural elements such as stone, wood, glass, and plants work in any design. They add warmth and comfort that our senses recognize right away even before we can articulate why we feel welcome in a space.
We have said time and time again that art is a game changer. Think outside of the box and you may surprise yourself with what you genuinely like and appreciate. We frequently hear clients say, “I really love this piece, but it just won’t go in my home.” Yes, you should only buy art you love, but do not pass
up on something that catches your fancy because you are worried it will not fit with what you already have. Mixing and matching is just that, adding a little bit of something different.
We celebrate love and beauty in February. We all want a beautiful home. One that makes us go “ahhh.” Try mixing and matching fabulous furnishings, intriguing textiles, and rich color to create your own design style that you will love coming home to every day of the year.
Mixed Styles and Textiles.
   Holly Harrison has been a licensed interior
designer for over 35 years. Shannon Stage has spent nearly 20 years in the giftware industry. Together they own Sassy Bird Interiors in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
Sassy Bird Interiors
122 Court St., Bay St. Louis 228.344.3181
 Gold Accents.
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