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     The event is continuously growing. Henderson says, “Cars and Coffee Biloxi got its roots from Cars and Coffee Baton Rouge, and began in the winter of 2014 at Delo’s Heavenly House of Coffee
in Gautier. It quickly gained popularity. In 2017, we partnered
with our current restaurant locations in Biloxi and moved to the current venue in the parking lots of Lucy’s, Slap Ya Momma’s, and Shaggy’s on the beachfront.” After bouncing around, this event found a home on the beach in Biloxi to have the space it needed for everyone to enjoy the event.
Due to the large variety of cars that can be seen in the Gulf Coast area, this event has much to offer. There’s not much you won’t see. Henderson says, “No matter what kind of enthusiast you are, there is something for you at Cars and Coffee. From classic American muscle cars of the '60s and '70s to imported Japanese legends
from the '90s and early 2000s – even noble supercars such as the Mercedes-AMG GT, Lamborghini’s Aventador, the McLaren 720s, or the Ford GT – we have it all.”
This event doesn’t just support the car-loving community, it also brings lots of support to local businesses. Henderson says, “The Mississippi Coast provides over 26 miles of beachfront highway for enthusiasts to enjoy their vehicles on. Our restaurants provide amazing eats for an affordable price, most
of which is sourced fresh from the Gulf. Other
local businesses provide more value by giving folks something to do even after our event is over. You don’t find that elsewhere. Cars and Coffee Biloxi is
an event that you can plan a weekend trip around.” This event is able to bring people to the coast to enjoy more than just the cars. It gives people a chance to experience all that the Coast has to offer and brings in customers to local businesses.
Henderson let’s us know how we can join in on
the fun. He says, “The best part about it: there’s
no registration, no membership process, just come out and enjoy the event. We are over 11,000 strong on Facebook and we continually break our own attendance records. If you want to get involved, our fall quarterly event will be held on October 3 starting at 7:30 a.m.”
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     Cars & Coffee Biloxi
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