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Bridesmaids Hydrangea Bouquet.
Calla Lilies.
       The rose, especially the red rose, is probably the highest symbol of love. White roses symbolize purity and innocence. A pink one signifies joy and admiration. Flowers having different meanings is certainly nothing new. Flowers have always had special meanings especially in wedding bouquets. vFlowers were used to express emotions. That is why choosing the flowers in your bouquet is really important; you can create a bouquet that holds special meanings in your heart.
Choose your flowers carefully for this momentous occasion in your life. For example, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, had a bouquet made up of the following flowers when she married Prince William:
• Lily of the valley – Return of happiness
• Sweet William – Gallantry
• Hyacinth – Constancy of love
• Ivy – Fidelity; marriage; wedded love; friendship;
• Myrtle – The emblem of marriage: love
Thinking of calla lilies for your special day? Calla lilies come from Africa and are usually in season for weddings
in the summer or springtime. Calla lilies represent beauty. Bouquets made of only calla lilies are stunning, but they can be arranged beautifully with other flowers in a bouquet, too. Their fragrance can be paired with other flowers as well.
The magnolia would be perfect for a wedding in Mississippi as it became our state flower in 1900! It symbolizes, dignity, perseverance and a love of nature.
Gardenias are a great choice for corsages and boutonnieres
because of their smell. This flower truly combines beauty and scent.
Carnations are similar in appearance to marigolds and come in a variety of colors. Carnations are also a budget-friendly option.
Since the hydrangea expresses gratitude, it is ideal for bridesmaids’ bouquets. Adding these to any bouquet will add bulk and fill in space since they are larger clusters of flowers. The blooms do love water, so make sure the florist hydrates them upside down before use.
Lilacs symbolize first love and would be a wonderful addition to your wedding bouquet. Similar in appearance
to hydrangeas, lilacs are a great option for purple-loving couples although these can be dyed to match your color scheme. White lilacs are also available representing innocence. They are a great type of wedding flower because they add height and structure to wedding flower arrangements. Since lilacs smell so good, consider favors using potpourri made from lilacs in take home sheer bags.
There are so many varieties of beautiful orchids that
could be considered as flowers for wedding bouquets and arrangements. If your color palette includes white, yellow, or lavender, then consider using orchids as wedding flowers.
You may even have a loved one who might make an arrangement for you from their “cut flowers.” A cut flower garden is truly a labor of love. A cut flower garden is full of plants and flowers grown specifically to make arrangements and bouquets. Size, color, and bloom time are all considerations when choosing flower varieties.
What would we do without beautiful flowers to help us celebrate one of the biggest days in our lives? Whatever you decide for your wedding day, keep it elegant and simple!
As Always, Happy Gardening!
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