Page 144 - South Mississippi Living - June, 2022
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  story by John N. Felsher photos courtesy of Woodside Wildlife Rescue
Caring for Animals Who Cannot Care for Themselves
When people get out to enjoy nature, they sometimes find injured animals, perhaps one hit by a car. Most people naturally want to take the creature home and nurse it back to health.
Unless specifically trained for such handling and animal rehabilitation, don’t touch the animal. Instead, keep an eye on it and call someone like Paula Woodside, director and founder of Woodside Wildlife Rescue in Pass Christian, who has the training and equipment to handle wild animals.
“Our organization is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Mississippi’s indigenous wildlife in need,” Woodside states. “We focus mostly on beavers, otters and raccoons, but we network with groups that specialize in other animals. We also support our local law enforcement in our animal control agencies.”
 144 | June 2022 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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