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   Slade Fillingame.
photo courtesy of Sadie Jane’s Fresh
Sadie Jane’s Famous Wreaths
306 Courthouse Rd., Gulfport | 228.209.9976
  She also shouldered debt and a pending lawsuit after her husband's death but kept on plugging. For a time there was Sadie Jane's Cottage in a
residential home. They had wreath making parties there and even bused ladies from another location when a neighbor complained about the number of cars at the home.
Sadie Jane's Wreaths has been located in several
places around town with each move meaning a bigger space and more business. “It's been due to growth and necessity,” Fillingame said. She also credits her mom's negotiating prowess with the success of their moves. There is one more move on the horizon when the wreath store moves next door to Sadie Jane's Fresh in Courthouse Road Plaza. That move is still months away with renovations to begin in the new year.
Fillingame remembers when they discovered mesh as a material for wreaths. “We were at the Canton Flea Market and saw it. I thought 'we have to find some of that,'” she said.
There was another 'aha moment' when Brackin decided they would make Saints themed wreaths the year the football team went to the playoffs. “I challenged us to sell 100 wreaths in 30 days and we made it.”
This duo persevered during the pandemic and had their best year yet with deliveries and curbside pickups. During this time they started making 'Stay Strong Ya'll' plaques that were a big seller.
Both stores continue to grow and are booked solid for Christmas decorating. Brackin says she listens to God when she's making deals. “God's hands are all over this business. It takes crazy faith,” she said. “And I would not be anywhere without my daughter.”
Now there's another generation involved with nine- year-old Slade, Fillingame's son, who likes to help and has already sold some of the wire figures he makes.
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