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the HVAC system in good shape, and air filters really do need to be replaced often. Burn soy candles with plant-based scents. Create small, intimate outdoor spaces where you want to spend time. It’s even better if a door can be left open, blurring the line between inside and outside spaces. Install a water feature that can
be heard from inside the house. Listen to music based on sounds or rhythms from nature, and collect art of places and faces that remind you of where you come from.
An extensive body of research documents the health benefits of biophilic design. When building occupants experience fresh air, good ventilation,
and bright sunlight there are measurable outcomes. Asthma rates decrease, headaches decrease, stress is reduced,
and academic performance improves. Cognitive functions like problem-solving and memory recall improve. Hospitals report shorter stays when patient rooms have views of vegetation. Aggression decreases and people consistently report feeling an enhanced sense of mental wellbeing. The risk of serious, chronic disease decreases in spaces that embrace biophilic design principles. The bottom line is that when we mimic nature in the built environment, our overall physical and psychological health improves.
Do an evaluation of your home.
You may have already instinctively incorporated some biophilic design principles and are reaping the benefits of Mother Nature. Or maybe it’s time to make some small changes that will
improve your family’s health. Everyone deserves a healthy haven they call home and it’s worth the effort but don’t forget to experience real nature every day. Go take a walk and just breathe.
Consult a knowledgeable architect
or interior design professional to help integrate more sophisticated biophilic design principles into your next building project.
  Holly Harrison has been a licensed interior designer for over 35 years. Shannon Stage has spent nearly 20 years in the giftware industry. Together they own Sassy Bird Interiors in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
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