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  The Cloyds are also co-owners of
The Roost, another historic-building- turned-hotel in Ocean Springs. “We cut our teeth in the hotel business at The Roost, which we’re currently expanding for the third time,” says Jessica. They knew hospitality demand was high in Ocean Springs when 929 Washington Avenue came available and decided to take the plunge into another historic revitalization. “When we were in the middle of the renovation, we knew
that we wanted a hotel on the top floor. We were fixing a water intrusion and realized that sheetrock was covering the original 100-year-old brick. From there, the project shifted into a conversation about who will be staying here and what they’ll be looking for,” says Jessica, who designed the suites herself.
The exposed brick, nearby train- tracks, live oak canopy, and downtown vitality painted a clear picture for The Cloyds. Joe, Jessica, and partner Eric Nichols – all longtime Hemingway
fans – decided the hotel’s inspiration would stem from his life and work. “We went for the literature angle because our team is mostly young or middle- aged. We’ve been hustling for a while... sucked into the 24/7 idea of life,” says Jessica. “The Hemingway was born
out of a desire to slow down, to get back to reading, to write your own
story. At The Hemingway, you’ve got
a tension between relaxation and the energy outside. Our guests can rest, read, and write – and then step outside and immediately grab a cocktail, shop around, feel the energy of being in
the middle of town.” The four rooms, named after Hemingway’s four wives, are all unique in their own way. “We thought of a couple of different concepts for the rooms,” says Joe. “We considered going in the Lost Generation direction or using characters from his novels. But naming the rooms after his wives was an appropriate nod to their influence in his life.”
As Ocean Springs grows, historic revitalization projects like The Hemingway and The Roost will
be important in keeping the city authentic. “The challenge is to foster
a development environment that
keeps the city true to its roots. It is a small beach town with a strong artistic influence,” says Joe. “We need to encourage the types of businesses that will add to the quality of life we enjoy in town – but not overgrow to the extent where we lose our charm.”
In commemoration of their blessing from the Hemingway family, The Cloyds commissioned a portrait of the author from Jackson artist Adrienne Brown David. As Hemingway writes in The Sun Also Rises, “I can’t stand it to think my life is going so fast and I’m not really living it.” At The Hemingway, guests can slow down, live a little – and write their own story.
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The Hemingway
929 Washington Ave. Ocean Springs
228.875.4496 IN @oceanspringsinns

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