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a week teaches your children how to
use them and good table manners are always in style. A formal meal every now and then will give you opportunities to teach etiquette skills your children will appreciate later.
When you want to create a more sophisticated tablescape, consider using d├ęcor objects you have around your home. Books, artfully arranged, offer a good look, and can reflect the theme of your meal or just group them by color to add drama. Adding small, framed photos to the mix personalizes the meal in a unique way. Pictures
of past adventures will delight your friends. The photos will be conversation starters and reliving memories is one
of the best ways to spend an evening. Statuary can be tasteful additions to your table when not overdone. Bunnies in the spring, stars in July, and Santas
in December are lovely. Fruit and vegetables and flowers scattered among greens elegantly highlight any season.
A charcuterie centerpiece that your guests can nibble during the meal is one of our favorite trends right now. And a charcuterie dessert centerpiece can be a showstopper.
We must mention linens and textiles when we talk about tablescapes. Nothing is quite as beautiful as exquisitely woven textiles. Adding them to your table as a tablecloth, or in placemats and napkins, or just as a runner across the table, adds
color and interest that is worth keeping in mind when planning a culinary experience.
We are lucky most days to find time
to eat a nice meal at home, much less
to create a fine dining experience. Often, it is easier to pick up fast food or microwave something and serve it on disposable everything. But sometimes
it is worth the effort to cook a simple meal and set a pretty but uncomplicated table. Or at least put the takeout on a nice plate. Life is more beautiful because of the friends and family that sit at your table. Show them how much you value a meal shared together. And surprise them occasionally with a little napkin folding razzle dazzle!
Holly Harrison has been a licensed interior designer for over 35 years. Shannon Stage has spent nearly 20 years in the giftware industry. Together they own Sassy Bird Interiors in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
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