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Grandmother Beats Cancer
story by Victoria Snyder photo courtesy of South Mississippi Urology
 P laying with her grandkids, cooking, traveling – these are all things that McHenry resident Jo Ann Lott,
68, wasn’t sure she would be able to do anymore. After a chance fall, Lott had
a CT scan that showed a tumor in her kidney. Doctors believed she’d have to lose her entire right kidney – until she went
to see Dr. David L. Spencer, Jr., at South Mississippi Urology, PLLC.
Dr. Spencer, Jr., was confident that he could save half of Lott’s kidney by only removing the part where the tumor was. To do this, he recommended a robotic assisted partial nephrectomy. “I felt that trying to save as much of my kidney was important because I have diabetes, and sometimes diabetics can develop kidney failure,” Lott explains. “The more kidney function after the procedure, the better.”
Kandice Hull, Dr. David L. Spencer, Jr., and Jo Ann Lott.
  The surgery proved to be successful. Dr. Spencer Jr., was able to remove that portion of her kidney. The tumor turned out to be a malignant clear cell renal carcinoma.
After several follow-ups, Lott is now cancer-free and was able to keep half of her kidney.
Lott is forever grateful to Dr. Spencer, Jr., as is Lott’s daughter, Pascagoula resident Kandice Hull. “I went to all of my mom’s appointments, and Dr. Spencer, Jr., took the time to tell us what was going on and what to expect,” Hull says.
Because Dr. Spencer, Jr., only had to make a few smaller incisions, Lott recovered quickly. “Since my recovery was so fast, I was back to playing with my grandkids in no time!”
Dr. Spencer, Jr., has been a provider at South Mississippi Urology for over a decade. He is active
in physician leadership with special interests in the treatment of urological cancers with minimally invasive
techniques, such as robotic surgery.
The board certified urologists at South Mississippi
Urology provide the finest care in urology available
and strive for the best outcomes for all patients at their locations along the Coast. They use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and advanced treatment techniques including robotic assisted technology and many other laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedures to manage urological problems in men and women.
To learn more, visit their website at
South Mississippi Urology
1124 Oakleigh Road, Ocean Springs 228.875.3778 •
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