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 Everybody who’s been to Ocean Springs has heard of – or quite literally heard – the legendary rooster. Carl, Carl 2.0, or Carl Jr. – whatever you called him, he was a downtown Ocean Springs staple.
The city has been shaken by his loss, but locals and businesses are as resilient as ever. Within days of learning of
his death, residents began to set up memorials.
At the time of writing this article, many Ocean Springs businesses have changed their profile pictures on social media to Carl. There is a Carl mural
in progress by local artist Cali Rob outside of Lil Market Deli & Bagelry, where Carl usually started his days. The restaurant also has a memorial set up
at a table. Bradford-O’Keefe Funeral Homes donated a rooster-sized casket. Carl’s home base, Twisted Anchor Tattoo, is now home to a giant metal rooster in Carl’s likeness and has had countless drawings and flowers of him on their porch – one of the rooster’s favorite places to hang out.
If you’re looking for your own way
to remember Carl, the community
has plenty of ideas. Cali Rob created limited edition t-shirts to commemorate Carl. Other locals and business owners are also designing Carl-themed mementos, like car decals, t-shirts, keychains, and more. Twisted Anchor Tattoo and the Downtown Ocean Springs Website continue to sell Carl- related memorabilia.
As Carl’s casket says, “Legends Never Die.” We will never forget Ocean Springs’ beloved rooster.
 photo courtesy of
Downtown Oceans Springs
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Mr. Cali Rob
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  story by
Victoria Snyder
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Twisted Anchor
          20 | June 2022
“We will surely miss our daily door greeter, Carl!” – The Tatonut Donut Shop
Rest in
You were
a beloved
pet and
– Matt Stebly
“Carl touched the lives and stole the hearts of almost everyone who visited Downtown Ocean Springs. He truly was the heart and soul to our little town."
– Downtown Oceans Springs, Facebook
“Our mornings will never be the same. They will be quieter, sadder, and with a little less purpose. We will miss him peering into the kitchen through the window with his ‘what’s taking so long?’ look. He was always our first customer of the day, and our most vocal.”
– Lil Market Deli & Bagelry
“Downtown won’t be the same without you.”
– Rooftop Taco & Tequila Bar | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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