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 “One-Woman Chamber of Commerce” Myrt Haas Left Her Mark on the Bay
Bay St. Louis will not be the same without its unofficial second mom and one-woman Chamber of Commerce, Myrtle Jane Wingo Haas, who left us on Monday, June 14.
Myrt spent a lifetime in service to activities that involved her love of her faith, family, and community. She was loved by all and was know as an “includer” and someone people just wanted to be around – you always left her company feeling better. Everyone knew
that the door was always open at the Haas home.
Myrt loved her community of Bay St. Louis and was a big promoter of local businesses and artists. Her poetry and hand-written letters were treasured by many. She was
admired for her generous and loving heart and was a mentor to many in her faith.
She met local attorney Mike Haas (d. 2006) in college, and the two were married not long after graduating. She is survived by her six children and 10 grandchildren.
Through the Years by Myrt Haas
Each of us has shared so much Of one another’s hearts We’ve grown and shared so many things Each played a special part
I see part of each of you In everything that’s me Some from my friends who I have loved
And some from the family tree And when I get to Heaven And St. Peter says to me What were your greatest treasures? I’d say that part of you in me
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