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Kimberly C. Ramussen
As I prepare myself for the upcoming season of Lent, I feel it best to confess out of the gate that I ate king cake before January 6. And not just a little. A lot of king cake. And while I added to the risk of it raining on Mardi Gras Day, I told myself it was all for the sake of research and therefore justified.
Coastal Mississippi is home to mega Mardi Gras celebrations, so it’s no surprise that Mardi Gras’ most treasured delicacy can
be found up and down the coastline. And in true coastal culinary style, variation after variation exists with each chef and baker adding their own special something to their king cake’s style. To follow are a few of my favorites, and while we may not be able to agree on which one is the best, we can all definitely agree that no matter what, under pretty much any and all circumstances, the king cake knife stays in the box!
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 Coastal Mississippi King Cake Creations
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