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 Boiled Seafood Platter.
balls of goodness will have you asking yourself why anyone ever battered okra in cornmeal. You’ll never look back.
The combination fried rice is a great dish to share. Beef, crawfish, shrimp and vegetables are combined with perfectly fried rice that has just a hint of sweetness. The spices are a well- kept secret and are absolutely perfect.
If you are looking for a light lunch, opt for the blacked crawfish poboy. It’s everything you want from a dressed and pressed poboy. If you didn’t get enough okra from the first course, add it as your poboy’s side to round out a great, yet simple meal.
Want something a little more indulgent and perhaps messier? Noah’s offers a wide array of boiled seafood dishes. King, snow, dungeness, and blue crabs are all available and prepared to order. The royal reds and other shrimp are locally caught on Noah’s own Miss Anna, which trawls monthly and helps supply the restaurant with some of its fresh seafood.
Choose from Cajun spices or Lemon Pepper, but make sure to add the garlic butter for an amazingly powerful seafood platter. While the seafood options stand alone, Noah’s specialty is the Pho and after one bite, you will quickly know why. Rich and hearty, Noah’s Pho is served with bean sprouts and mint and all of the necessary sides that allow you to add just a little something extra to an already top-notch meal.
Noah’s is proud to be a family owned and operated restaurant. Jackie’s sister, Diane Pham, can be found watching over the Pho broth as it simmers for almost ten hours. Hiep and Jackie’s children are regulars at Noah’s, taking orders and serving customers. Everyone at Noah’s hopes to give something special to their patrons in the way of an incredible meal. Just like any gathering involving a deep pot and long wooden spoon, a trip to Noah’s results in laughs, conversations and memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
   116 gallons of Pho broth.
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 Combination Fried Rice.
 Blackened Crawfish Poboy with Fried Okra.

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