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    Breakfast Burrito and Hashbrowns.
Stennis International Airport 7250 Stennis Airport Rd.
Breakfast Monday - Friday 8-10:30 a.m.
Monday - Friday 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
story by Kimberly C. Rasmussen photos courtesy of Jet-a-Way Café
32 | October 2021 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living
Airports are commonly known for their hustle and bustle. Throngs of excited
and sometimes weary travelers race from terminal to terminal in an attempt to make their connecting leg of an exciting journey or to catch that last and seemingly endless flight home. Regardless of destination, airports can be grueling and exhausting. Sometimes even more afflicting is airport food. Rows of hastily prepared grab-
n-go meals line airport corridors in an effort to offer something satisfying. But is it really? Some airport meals can be so disappointing that the package of salted peanuts or crushed pretzels miraculously looks like a five-star meal. However, the Jet-a-Way Café, located at the Stennis International Airport (SIA), is aiming to change that perception and so far, they are definitely on the right path.
SIA opened in the mid-1960s in the Hancock County community as a general
aviation and military-focused airport. Over the years, SIA’s strategic importance has grown tremendously, bolstering the need for amenities that were not only attractive to the public, but also accessible. Following the opening of a new terminal after Hurricane Katrina, Jet-a-Way Café, was born. Operated by Million Air Stennis, this brilliantly crafted café has quickly become a go-to eatery for travelers, airport staff and local residents. Handcrafted meals served in a fun and exciting atmosphere make the Jet-a-Way Café the place to be for delicious food and family fun.
Jet-a-Way Café’s menu is straightforward and unpretentious and offers amazing quality meals at affordable prices.
Basic breakfast fare includes pancakes
and the popular Breakfast Burrito are delicious options when you are looking for something to help kickstart your day. Poboys, seafood baskets and salads are

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