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 excellent for lunch, with the hamburger and house-cut onion rings rivaling any local burger joint. In addition to the regular menu, Jet-a-Way Café offers weekly specials include red beans and rice (of course, on Mondays), country fried steak and the crowd favorite, blackened redfish. Jet-a-Way Café’s head chef and kitchen staff are locally grown and trained in an upscale food industry, resulting in meals that are well thought out, delicately formulated and always fresh. Everything is prepared in-house resulting in deliciously crafted meals that are sure to satisfy anyone.
While the food is impeccable and can easily stand on its own, Jet-a-Way Café has an extra something special that sets this dining experience apart from others. The restaurant’s strategic terminal location offers an almost unrestricted view of the SIA runway, providing its guests with incredible opportunities to enjoy their meal while watching planes take off and land
at regular intervals. Long counter space overlooks the airport grounds where guests can peer down onto the tarmac for a glimpse into the world of aviation. Private, commercial and military aircraft can be seen coming and going at any given time, resulting in an incredibly unique experience. Aircraft pilots grabbing a meal before returning to flight are a regular fixture and are always happy to interact with restaurant guests when their schedules permit. Best of all, Jet-a-Way Café’s location at SIA is accessible to the public, making it an easy choice when looking for a delicious meal while enjoying a spectacular view.
Jet-a-Way Café is an incredibly fun and family-friendly way
to dine out while taking in sights and sounds like no other. SIA hopes to expand the dining area providing more room and more opportunities for locals and tourists alike to enjoy all the café has to offer. Additionally, SIA plans to host more events to showcase the exciting things happening at the airport. Most recently, SIA hosted a “fly-in” where more than 40 planes attended. Guests were given an up close and personal look at a multitude of aircrafts while learning more about the magic of flight. SIA’s goal is to continue to get people excited about aviation. After one meal and one experience at the Jet-a-Way Café, you’ll be saying “up, up and away” in no time!
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Breakfast Special.
Hawaiian Burger.
Shrimp Tacos.
Seafood Cakes with Roasted Red Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables.

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