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Juanita’s Omelet.
 fried egg, and can be ordered spicy or mild. The spicy is definitely something only for experienced gastronome and should not be underestimated! Served alongside refried beans, fresh onions, sour cream, and a generous portion of queso fresco, the Chilaquiles was my personal favorite.
Lunch is equally outstanding and there are so many incredible dishes to choose from. You have your standard taco salads. Fajitas, tacos, and chimichangas – all the things that we love to try at our favorite Mexican restaurant. But at Juanita’s, you should definitely think outside the taco and opt for some of Morales’ signature dishes. A lunch Chusma is one of Morales’ favorites. Grilled onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes are served over a savory Mexican rice and, once again, covered
in queso. Add-ons such as grilled chicken, steak
or shrimp are available, and I would suggest just simply choosing all three.
Still, if you are looking for something really spectacular, Morales’ signature Mexican Philly Cheese Steak is it. Marinated carne asada is grilled to order and delicately nestled into grilled and pressed French bread. Grilled onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and fresh jalapeño sit atop this sandwich masterpiece and then everything is drenched in the housemade queso dip.
Now... let’s talk about this cheese dip. Honestly, there aren’t many words that would sufficiently describe its deliciousness, consisting of a blend
of secret spices, jalapeños, and a special Mexican cheese. I have no hesitation going on record saying it is the best cheese dip I have ever eaten and I stand firm by that statement. It takes Morales’ interpretation of the Philly Cheese Steak to an entirely different level and will have you returning to Juanita’s time and time again.
Jesus Morales is definitely on to something
with his fresh takes on popular items and his inventive spin on quintessential dishes. Morales cooks everything himself with simplicity being his ultimate goal. Morales prides himself on taking his time to adequately prep, prepare, and present the same delectable dish every single time and his staff knows to treat each customer like family. Juanita’s Kitchen is a Mexican culinary masterpiece. It’s laid back, warm and inviting. One step inside and you know you are going to experience something truly amazing.
  Mexican Philly Cheese Steak.
   Breakfast Chilaquiles.
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