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T. Paul Mace, MD, FACS
Board Certi ed General Surgeon Member of American Breast Society Fellow American College of Surgeons
Michael Diaz, MD, FACS
Board Certi ed General Surgeon
Board Certi ed Plastic Surgeon
Member of American Board of Plastic Surgeons Fellow American College of Surgeons
1312 44th Ave., Gulfport MS
Two of the leading breast surgeons on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have now combined their experience and expertise to bring the most advanced surgical treatment for breast cancer to their patients here at home.
The Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP)  ap, also known as the “tummy tuck  ap”, is a revolutionary breast reconstruction procedure using a patient’s abdominal fat to reconstruct the breasts. The procedure removes the excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen without muscle sacri ce. This procedure differs from other  ap surgeries, such as a TRAM  ap, which sacri ced part or all of the rectus abdominis muscle (six-pack muscle) causing core strength weakness, abdominal wall hernias, or bulges. With the DIEP  ap, no muscle is removed, allowing for both a quicker recovery time and the ability to maintain core strength.
When combined with a nipple sparing, or skin sparing technique for removing breast tissue, the DIEP  ap reconstruction results in superior cosmesis and appearance, without the need for arti cial material such as implants or tissue expanders.
Dr. Mace and Dr. Diaz are currently the only surgical team in Mississippi offering this revolutionary procedure to their patients. They recognize the importance of treating the breast cancer while restoring their patients’ sense of self, body image, and wholeness.
If you have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer, have had previous breast cancer surgery without reconstruction, had a failed or unsatisfactory reconstruction with implants, or have a BRCA mutation with a high risk for future breast cancer, you may be a candidate for DIEP  ap reconstruction.
For more information, please contact one of our of ces for a consultation.
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