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In my younger years, I cherished the times spent in the kitchen with my mawmaw and great-grandmother, creating lasting memories that have shaped my career today. Just as I did, my daughters and nieces have also found joy in cooking during their early years. Cooking isn’t just sustenance; it has the power to unite families. It's an art form, and it provides a canvas for both children and adults to unleash their creativity and imagination. With that said, for this month's column I aimed to create a playful-yet-messy recipe that you can enjoy with the children in your life.
While I typically opt for gourmet dishes, crafting recipes from scratch with the freshest ingredients available to us here in the South, I took a different approach for this recipe. I chose convenience, using dried herbs, jarred pasta sauce, and dried lasagna noodles to keep things simple not only for us adults, but also for the tiny hands assisting with this recipe. Lasagna Roll-Ups hold a special place in my household. Truth be told, pasta in all its forms is a beloved staple. It's an affordable comfort food that my daughters and I adore without reservation.
story and photos by Chelsea Gieselmann

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