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  Firehouse sleeping quarters.
Firehouse pole from second floor.
This consideration extends to the buildings too. “We learned some lessons after Hurricane Katrina and are better prepared for disasters,” says Smith. “We had volunteers who stayed in our old building and had to sleep on the floor. We have bunk rooms now and can house many more people and set up cots. Also, the increase in the fire station's space to 14,000 square feet makes it easier to get things done.”
The two-level fire station has a large kitchen where each shift has its own pantry and refrigerator along with a commercial stove and expansive granite-topped island.
Upstairs there are nine separate bunk rooms with television sets and plenty of bathrooms. “Firemen spend one third
of their lives here so we want them to be comfortable,” Smith, who's been with the department 25 years, said.
The fire department has 10 people
on duty in each shift. All employees
are certified fire fighters and 12 are trained emergency medical technicians. Equipment includes two ladder trucks, three fire engines, one tanker, one rescue truck and a command truck to answer an average of 1,700 calls each year.
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 American flag made out of old firehoses.

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