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  Ride Along:
 Emergency Medical Response
D story and photos by Luke Height
riving down the street, we see our jurisdiction.” However, there is a lot the flashing lights and hear the more that Donnelly and the team at AMR sirens. We see their vehicles actually do within their daily routine. “We headed down the highway work in an unforgiving profession. We
on a mission or at the scene put our skills and knowledge to the test in
of an accident. In the case of a medical uncontrollable environments and practice
  Glenn Donnelly paramedic and field supervisor at American Medical Response
52 | July 2021
emergency, we know who to call for help yet we don’t really know what goes on during the day in the life of a paramedic. Glenn Donnelly, paramedic and assistant field supervisor at American Medical Response (AMR), teaches us how he and the team at AMR serve the community in such a crucial way.
On the surface it may seem that a paramedics duty is, in the words of Donnelly, “To provide emergency medical care, treatment and transport to the patients of
medicine under stressful circumstances. Simultaneously, making split second decisions to provide an accurate treatment plan for patients to enable them to have the best possible outcome.”
These heroes give their all while providing some of the most difficult treatment in even more uncertain circumstances. They have chosen to serve the community in a much needed way. For many of the paramedics, it seems it’s more of a calling than a choice.
Donnelly says, “For as long as I can | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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