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      EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONDERS put their skills and knowledge to the test in uncontrollable environments, practicing medicine in stressful circumstances.
remember, I’ve always had the desire to help others. Years ago, I witnessed a terrible car accident while on my way to work. I stopped to see if there was any way I could help a victim who was trapped inside his vehicle. I was helpless as I waited for first responders to arrive. Then,
I witnessed them desperately attempt to free the victim in an effort to save his life.”
Inspired by the life-changing event, he realized his future would entail a career in the emergency field. Many paramedics have been similarly inspired to take on this challenging, but rewarding duty.
“One thing I love about my profession, is there is no such thing as an “average day.” I generally answer between 8 and 14 calls a day. At one call, I may serve as a therapist for someone in mental crisis. On the next call, I may provide
life saving measures on someone having a heart attack. Emergency medical services are evolving with each passing year. In many aspects, we
are a rolling emergency room.” This “rolling emergency room” is constantly facing new challenges and never knows what to expect from another day on the job.
Luckily, in the worst circumstances, we have local heroes such as the emergency medical responders of the Gulf Coast. With grace and great expertise, they take on what many of us would never dare to do. But if you call them a hero, they, like Donnelly, might say, “I’ve never felt as if I was a ‘hero.’ When someone refers to me as one, I humbly thank them and tell them it’s my privilege to serve them and our community.”
These heroes may be humble, but to us they are heroes nonetheless.
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