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 for a strategic approach to the commercial aspect of marketing and retailing their product. French Hermit also serves as the umbrella corporation for other farmers, including the Lee and Moore families, providing an avenue to help with the daily distribution and sale of oysters in a competitive market. French Hermit Oysters can be found at a variety of local restaurants including the locally owned White Pillars and Vestige, as well as larger entities such as 32 at IP Casino Resort Spa.
The OBOA program has provided a solid framework for the continued development and growth of the coastal oyster market. Jason Rider, grant manager and oyster extension agent for the MDMR, emphasizes the OBOA program’s importance. It is a way to maintain the important cultural significance of the local seafood trade while growing its economic success. By embracing the off-bottom movement while not losing sight of traditional
oyster dredging, the Coast positions itself as a continual leader of seafood commerce while preserving the legacy of our oyster forefathers.
To learn more about the OBOA program or the Deer Island Commercial Aquaculture Park, visit”d-
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