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     Raising the Roads
Silver Slipper Petitions for New Elevated Roadways
story by Lori Beth Susman photos courtesy of Silver Slipper Casino Hotel
n May 25, Silver Slipper Casino Hotel had a social media post that read, “Attention Patrons: With winds out of the southeast at 23mph, water has been pushed over the road between Lakeshore Drive and the casino. The casino and hotel remain open
to guests that are here. We would recommend that guests do not attempt to drive through high waters to get here. Table games will be closed today and the buffet will close at noon for the day. Blue Bayou will not open this evening. We apologize for the inconvenience. And we hope to see y’all tomorrow!”
These posts happen too frequently for General Manager John Ferrucci, who said the Hancock County casino has been plagued with road flood problems since its initial construction in 2005. “Various stop-gap measures have been attempted but none of those were able to eliminate the problem. All of the experts agreed, the only viable solution is to build a new road that will be built-up to an elevation that would not flood as readily as it does now.”
The matter was brought to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors, which, at a recent meeting, approved a resolution authorizing and directing the issuance of general obligation bonds in regard to raising the elevation of Beach Blvd. from the Silver Slipper Casino to Lakeshore Rd., a feeder road that brings guests right to the property from the west.
Along with the current concerns, the new road is needed as Silver Slipper has plans to grow its property and is applying for the necessary permits. Ferrucci said plans include a second hotel tower with 178 new rooms over the water, a connector building that will house the banquet
and meeting space area, one additional restaurant and the creation of 450 additional surface parking spaces adjacent to the new road project.
Added Ferrucci, “The economic impact for Hancock County is expected to be significant with the creation of 100-plus new jobs and additional gaming tax revenue for the county, as well
as additional sales tax revenue from the increase in visitors to the property and the additional spending power of the staff.”
When the new road is in place, both Silver Slipper and Hancock County will find themselves big winners.
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