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How can you help? By adopting or fostering an animal and making sure that your pets are fixed. HSSM provides free/low-cost spay/neuter opportunities
to residents all along the Gulf Coast in need of
getting their pets fixed in hopes of reducing the pet overpopulation in our community.
“Each year, the Humane Society of South Mississippi takes in over 7,000 homeless pets along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. By choosing to adopt, you’re not only saving the life of that particular animal, but you’re also making space for another vulnerable pet to come in,” King says.
When you adopt from HSSM you don’t just get a new companion – you are also receiving a pet that is up to date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and more. “Pets bring so much joy into our lives, and shelter pets truly make the best companions because they will be forever grateful to you for giving them a loving home.”
If you can’t afford to adopt right now, think about fostering an animal. “Fostering is not a lifetime commitment: it’s a commitment to saving lives,” King states. “Opening your home to a cat or dog means you have the opportunity to increase the quality of life for a homeless animal and open much-needed space so HSSM can rescue another pet in need.”
The most common reasons pets may need a foster home are because they are sick, injured, too young to be adopted, or in need of socialization or behavioral help. “No special expertise is required to foster. Just
a little extra time, a little extra space, and a great big heart. Every animal you foster is a life saved!”
In 2020 HSSM achieved a long-term, milestone goal of becoming a no-kill shelter. While the national percentage to be considered a no-kill shelter is a 90 percent live release rate, HSSM reached 92 percent last year. Their current save rate is 96 percent.
For more information on HSSM, their programs, their adoptable pets, and how to get involved, you can visit
 615 25th Ave., Gulfport 228.863.3354
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Collective Responsibility: We hold ourselves accountable for the welfare of pets in our community.
Progressive Lifesaving: We value compassionate and responsible actions to save animals. Quality care is provided to every pet and quality of life is a priority. Programs are designed to tackle the root of the problem rather than the symptoms. True Euthanasia: We recognize that, for some animals, euthanasia is the most compassionate choice. This is why the “no-kill” benchmark for a national save rate is 90 percent and not 100 percent. This includes ending the life of an animal only to end irremediable suffering and ending the life of an animal when the animal is too dangerous to rehabilitate and place in the community safely.
2010: 53% • 2015: 75% • 2020: 96%
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