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     story by Lynn Lofton
             64 | March 2023 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living
Nicole Barrineau-Matthews and the team of designers at Inside Outside have ideas for outdoor kitchens. “We have designers to assist clients in creating the outdoor spaces of their dreams,” she said. “We have a beautiful showroom appointed with all the things to make your spaces beautiful and functional. We also have an in-house countertop fabrication facility. We work from field measure to installation to ensure our clients have the best finished product. Our designers are also involved in critical layout decisions when needed.”
“There are so many ways a backyard can be transformed into an oasis that it’s hard to pick just a few. A well-planned outdoor kitchen, seating for socializing, the perfect pool, and landscaping can all make a generic backyard into a relaxing retreat,” Barrineau-Matthews and the designers recommend.
She adds that because everyone has such varied needs and tastes that a true ideal outdoor kitchen is hard to pin down. “From layout to finishes, every outdoor kitchen is a unique challenge to reach that goal. And it is absolutely possible to have an ideal outdoor kitchen on a budget. Just make sure that you’re up-front about what that budget is.”
Matt Compton, vice president of Compton and Son Appliance and Outdoor Living Center, says it's important to have plenty of counter space, including enough space between cooking equipment. “Most of the time you are using platters and larger cooking utensils so leaving adequate space when laying out a kitchen is a must,” he said. “On the equipment side, of course have a grill (charcoal, gas or pellet) and you definitely want a sink so that during prepping you can keep sanitized. Also, storage is a must; if in the budget, dry pantries are good.”

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