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   Healthcare professionals and first responders share a common goal – improving the health and safety of our community. Memorial thanks all first responders throughout Coastal Mississippi, who have always worked as an expanded team across municipal and county lines, to develop and implement the strongest strategy possible to help our community thrive.
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  64 | July 2021 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living
March 11, 2020, and each day since has been a test of our teamwork, and you have been on the frontlines. No matter the severity of the threat, you have met each day with bravery and determination to care for and comfort us. We have only made progress thanks to your ongoing efforts, your ability to stay agile with ever-changing logistics, and the community support that has helped keep spirits high.
Regardless of department or title, you have stepped up to the challenge. We will never truly comprehend the endless sacrifices you have made by putting your neighbors first. We owe you immense gratitude, and we also recognize the trials, tribulations, and emotional toll you have endured the last 16 months. Without hesitation, you have continued to help us in our time of great need.
Our health system is stronger because of our partners on the frontlines. As we begin to see some light shining through with the rate of hospitalizations declining and the increase in vaccine availability, we can imagine a new tomorrow.
This year, Memorial is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and those years have been defined by increased support from our community, including those who bravely choose to protect us. Again, we owe a debt of gratitude to those who have been at the forefront of this challenge, who have navigated every trial with grace, and who have worked in lockstep with us to make our community healthier and safer.

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