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                The enhanced transportation will eventually take Coastians
to new retail and residential spaces, which prove exciting as
well. Robertson reveals “City leaders are updating plans for
the revitalization of D’Iberville Old Town, including a mixed- use working waterfront.” For those interested in real estate, “Subdivision plans have been approved North of I-10 adding 110 residential homes. The subdivisions are in close proximity to the Harrison County K-12 facility currently under construction on Highway 15.”
Of course, “a strategic plan of growth is important to reduce any negative adverse impacts,” says Robertson. Like most cities, the past year was challenging for D’Iberville, but Robertson believes the city reacted “calmly, with good business sense. Our perspective,” she says, “is that the challenges of the past create opportunities for the future. We are capitalizing on our strengths of sustainability and resiliency while programming projects
for livability... The city has recently requested proposals and received responses to update the 20-year comprehensive plan. We look forward to selecting a planning consultant and moving forward with the project.”
Livability is, after all, the most important aspect of growth and advancement. The residents and their interests are at the heart of the city’s progress and expansion. “Economic development
connects people to goods and services,” says Robertson. “It offers a variety of recreation and entertainment opportunities, creates a sense of safety and security within our neighborhoods, provides clean drinking water and an inviting natural environment, constructs new buildings to the highest safety standards, and encourages growth and prosperity for both individuals and the business community.”
When looking at the future of D’Iberville, Robertson sees “A healthy community that is fun, accessible, sustainable, and located ‘in the middle of it all.’ We have a city council that bleeds black and gold and city leaders that manage with unparalleled integrity. We are a young city with an old history. I enjoy learning about the days before this place was identified as its namesake, and I get excited when we incorporate that which was to that which is becoming.”
The success of the city also reflects the community spirit so common in cities along the Gulf Coast – the feeling that cities are not on their own but part of a collective Coastal Mississippi family. “I love the spirit of the people and the location along the Mississippi Gulf Coast... I am grateful to be a part of D’Iberville as a city employee – but also as a citizen.” She is a member of the team that works hard to ensure the rest of D’Iberville feels the same way.
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