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Devon Swanier, Lindsey Parker, F.N.P., Dr. Loukatos and Angelia Jones
 “As AlphaCare has grown, we have been able to impact more patients and I feel blessed to have such a large patient population that entrusts us with their health care. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously, and that trust is what motivates us to constantly strive to improve our patients’ health care experience.”
Since the doors of AlphaCare opened, the goal has been to change the health care experience for
the community. “In the emergency room I was surrounded by high costs and inefficient processes. I’ve tried to take the lessons learned over my 18- year career in the ER and apply those to creating a system that is streamlined, affordable, and patient- friendly,” Loukatos says. “I have been very lucky to have a team of professionals who share that vision and work tirelessly every day to provide the very best patient experience to our clients.”
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