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  story by Victoria Snyder photos courtesy of Home of Grace
Home of Grace is a nationally known addiction recovery program that has helped tens of thousands of individuals battle various types of addiction. In operation since 1965, the program has used hands-on experience to build an addiction recovery program filled with success stories. Home of Grace’s mission is to offer freedom from addiction through Christ-centered recovery.
Home of Grace accomplishes their goal with their three-month recovery program that takes place at one of their two state-of-the-art campuses that offers clients a comfortable and secluded home for their time in the program. The three-month stay consists of orientation and two distinct phases. Each phase builds upon the other and has a specific focus, establishes goals, responsibilities, and requirements for successful completion. Emphasis is placed on spiritual disciplines necessary for a lasting recovery and is achieved through classroom work, individual and group counseling, work therapy, and community living.
The organization also has an adult education program that requires clients who do not have a high school diploma to get their GED. Home of Grace makes this happen through partnerships with educational providers.
In 2022, the nonprofit served over 400 clients from 14 different states, including places like Colorado, Michigan, and Missouri. Home of Grace also helped 13 individuals receive their GED last year.
It is Home of Grace’s goal to see everyone free from addiction. For some, this may seem impossible, but the foundation of the program is built on the belief that God has the power to break the chains of addiction in anybody, so that they might become the person they were created to be.
You can become involved too by volunteering or making a financial contribution.
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